Sourcing for Quality Korean Wears

Despite the secrecy and level of modesty that has plagued eastern cultures for years, the advent of social networking and socio-cultural integration has exposed the western world to fashion trends of the two Korean countries. K-Fashion: this is the term by which the popular fashion trends of South Korea, has gained acclaim around the world, with women and young girls particularly prowling internet search engines for want of the most accessible means of buying Korean clothing. If you are seeking information about K-fashion and the right channels through which they can purchase cute Korean apparel, this is the appropriate page.

Since you are unlikely to visit Korea anytime soon (or ever) but will love to assess the dynamics of their booming fashion culture, let us do some exploration together about some Korean Fashion online outlets.


Mixxmix is an online retailer of Korean wears that is of fame in the US, and dare I say – the safest for online deals, making the top of our list. MixxMix offers cheap but elegant wears that you can order from any part of the world; for orders placed in the US – items should be received ten working days tops.


There has been a lot of buzzes lately amongst K-fashion enthusiasts about Miamasvin, here is why. This Korean wear online retailer offers a 25% discount on the fashionable clothing and accessories ordered on their site and even offers free shipping on orders over $200.

Other popular retail sites

There are, however, several other reliable online retail outlets that offer trans-continental deliveries at pocket-friendly prices. Websites like Moco Bling, Sechuna, YesStyle, Kakuu Basic and Kooding are such examples.

The popular trend portrayed in contemporary Korean TV series is skimpy high school check skirts and short dresses. K-fashion, however, enjoys a far more abundant and diverse choice of clothing style for those willing to go through the trouble of searching.

Talking about Korean fashion, some of the trends that stand it out are:

1.Unisex apparel: most of the stores that deal in coats and pants that go well for both sexes; this is particularly common with Korean winter wears.

2.Bell-bottomed pants ripped jeans and sweaters: In the US, we are only familiar with wearing fashionable stone-washed and ripped jeans. Equally, you are likely to have come across pictures of Korean models with ripped sweaters and jeans on social media. It is no marketing hoax; many Korean youths find this category of clothing a priced part of their wardrobe.

3.Oversized cardigan, fur coats, skinny jeans, knee-high boots, and sock shoes: though high heeled shoes and short floral dresses are the toast of the Korean summer, young ladies love including spices of accessories like knee-high shoes to compensate in the cold of winter.

4.Knitted wears, colorful tops: Koreans love knitted wears, and they like them oversized. Summer, however, ushers in youths going on fashion adventures that involve sporting bright, floral, and patterned tops; this is also the season for trying on single-shirt dresses among the female folk.

5.Midi skirts and neutral colors: the more conservative and classic section of the Korean populace favor midi mono-colored or floral dresses with elegant tops. Brown has won acclaim as the Korean predominant neutral color for jackets and wear accessories.