Misconceptions and Myths About Shapewear

For a part of fashion that is very concerned with creating a clear silhouette, there are sure a lot of blurry impressions floating around. What is the purpose of shapewear? Who wears it? How is it best worn? And why would you want to wear it, to begin with? These questions have all given rise to a lot of misconceptions and myths about shapewear. We here at Elle Courbee decided it was time to clear up some things. We strongly believe that shapewear is a lot more accessible and versatile than you might believe; after all, it is simply body shaping underwear.

Sizing Myths

Shapewear that is a size too small is more effective.

Aspirational sizing is a trap you never want to fall into. Purchasing a certain size of shapewear will not magically transform you into that dress size. Keep in mind that the real purpose of shapewear is to smooth your line and refine your shape. When garments are too tight they will just create bumps and lumps that interrupt your silhouette. You will also be very uncomfortable. Shapewear is supposed to help reinforce your confidence, not cause you pain.

Shapewear will be more comfortable if it is a size too large.

On the other hand, don’t be too timid about your sizing selection. In order for shapewear to perform optimally, it needs to fit accurately. A perfectly fitted bodysuit or well-sized control shorts should not cause any discomfort. It really isn’t necessary to size up. When you do, it will cause the garment to shift and roll up as you are moving around. This will once again result in your silhouette being interrupted and having lumps in places where they don’t belong.

Clientele Myths

Shapewear is for plus size women only.

Many plus size women do own shapewear. However, many non-plus size women do as well! Shapewear isn’t about BMI. It is about having a positive body image. It is all about enhancing your confidence and smoothing your figure’s lines. However, that isn’t the end of it. Shapewear is also about comfort and support. The more our underwear supports our body, the more our daily comfort will increase.

Shapewear is for special occasions only.

There is a wide range of shapewear that is available, so how could it be for special occasions only? You might have a control slip that works great underneath your Summer party frock. However, you might also swear by the control briefs that give you a boost of confidence while wearing your jeans. Your wardrobe contains items for all kinds of occasions. Therefore, your shapewear should also provide you with the versatility you need to support all of these different looks.

Usage Myths

Shapewear makes you sweaty and is uncomfortable.

This is leftover from the old days. Fabric innovations in recent years have advanced by leaps and bounds. Today’s shapewear garments are more malleable and breathable. You don’t need a shoehorn to put on high rise control shorts, and your skin underneath will remain healthy. It isn’t only about the fabric’s technical properties. Garment paneling and design help to ensure that your shapewear is able to focus its support on certain areas. This means that discomfort does not need to be caused by compression.

Shapewear, at its core, is simply an element of your overall wardrobe. It does have the power to provide you with a shapely and smooth silhouette to give your confidence a boost. But that is not a big secret any longer, and you don’t need to be scared. Just size correct, buy a variety of styles of shapewear and then enjoy!