mCommerce Growing, Mobile Fraud Increasing Faster

Mobile commerce or mCommerce has been growing with incredible advances in recent years.  And that’s with good reason: the number of people going mobile is increasing so fast. The bad news is that mobile fraud is also growing and even faster. Below, you can read more information about this and find a reliable company for PayPal micropayments UK.

mCommerce & fraud on the Rise

The new coronavirus pandemic created an economic crisis all over the world. Brick-and-mortar sales witnessed an incredible drop because of the created situation. However, eCommerce had unprecedented growth and is continuing to have, with the general retail space seeing a 209% rise compared to the same period in 2019.

Quite naturally, eCommerce witnessed massive growth during this period. Why? It’s simple: the number of people choosing mobile as the primary way to connect online is increasing with rapid advances. Unfortunately, this is also a “fine” opportunity for criminals trying to cause harm to consumers.

Did you know that the UK represents the most advanced European eCommerce market? The authorities are putting efforts to fight fraud and prevent scammers from sending pandemic-related text messages to consumers. As a result, the IDs of 400 senders with no authorisation are already blocked.

Growing Your Business After COVID-19: PayPal Micropayments UK

The fastest drop in the UK retail sales was in March. This was the period when the majority of stores shut their doors because of the virus. Simultaneously, eCommerce took the biggest ever share in retail spending, which made up 22.3% of all sales.

Given the reality, it’s of vital importance to use the most advanced and secure payment-processing services for online transactions. This is too important if you want to overcome the current challenges and retain your customers.

To find the best merchant-services provider in the UK, turn to a respectable comparison expert that’s focused on terms, complaints, and the integration process of companies. Thanks to a reliable payments-comparison specialist that guarantees the most trustworthy review of providers, you can get the best merchant-processing services, including PayPal micropayments UK.

The number of smartphone users making purchases via mobile devices has been growing year over year. This is also true of the number of consumers making mobile payments. Sadly, payment-processing fraud is rising at a faster pace.

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