Candlestick that enlighten the Shabbat table

Shabbat Candlestick is one of the most beautiful pieces of Judaica that can be very often found in Jewish houses. Generation after Generation Shabbat Candleholders is passed down. After placing the candles in the Jewish candlesticks the weekly observance of Shabbat begins and the Shabbat prayers are chanted.

All you know about candlestick

Lightening candles is the major event in the Shabbat rituals. The candles denote glory and gracefulness of the occasion. To make the dinner table more shining candles are used and hence candlesticks are used over there. To make the house sanctified and filled with serenity Jewish candle is lit on the Friday of every week. This Ritual is thus commonly referred to as the Shabbat Candle. These candles are used to decorate dinner table and thus it is recited along with the kiddush cup.

Tradition and rituals of Shabbat Candlesticks:

Before sunset, each Friday shabbat Candlesticks are lighted for 18 minutes to ensure that the must burn from the beginning of Shabbat since on Jewish Sabbath kindling a fire is forbidden. It is observed till today as the candle provide metaphorical and literal light for the home. This is celebrated as a peaceful festival.

It is conventional to light two Shabbat candles, but there are many families who light more than one candles for their family members. The time at which the ritual begins, traditionally the woman lit the candles which provide necessary illumination for the Jewish home. After the candles are lit, the woman by waving their hands over the light flames welcomes the light of the Sabbath.

On the Shabbat table, Shabbat candlestick is one of the most important elements. It is always served as a focal point of the table no matter how classic, delicate, delightful and modern it is.

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