All You Want to Know about a Bump Helmet

Helmets are the main part of any protective gear. While we can’t survive excessive damage to our heart or lungs either, these are snug behind our ribs. Our head needs to be protected and when you are an active person there is no better way to do this than with a bump helmet.

Having this type of protective gear is essential for a variety of outdoor tasks. Anything from biking and hiking to skydiving will make this type of gear a necessity.

Advantages of a bump helmet are:

  1. Protects from slashes and piercing damage
  2. Defense against blunt force trauma and falls
  3. Lightweight and comfortable
  4. Has extra utility
  5. Protects the back of your head as well

But it needs to be pointed out that bump helmets are not the same thing as ballistic helmets. While where will often come in colors used by the military, that is primarily an aesthetic choice and not an invitation. These helmets will prevent sharp debris from penetrating to your head, but nothing going at bullet speeds.

Best in Sports Protection

While injuries may happen anywhere and, in more ways, than are possible to count, there is an increased amount of risk involved when doing outdoor sports such as biking or climbing.

A moment is enough for a piece of rock, branch, or debris to crack off and hit you on the head. And, when this happens, you want to stay conscious and aware so that you can either call for help or calmly go to the nearest hospital.

There are multiple sports where having a bump helmet may spell the difference between serious injury and a funny story to tell when you get home.


Most people think that the biggest danger when climbing is the lack of solid ground under your feet. But, even more, issues come from all of the rocks and dirt that is above you.

Even if you are an experienced climber, you never know when a pebble might go loose and fall down straight on your head. At that moment, you want to have a helmet.


Even if you prefer to bike on known trails that are clean and secured, there is always a risk from a fall. Bumping your head can leave you unconscious and if there are no other people with you this can lead to even more problems than the fall alone.

Also, if you like biking on wild paths it only takes a small scrape from a branch to induce peripheral bleeding and blood loss.

Base Jumping and Skydiving

Jumping from a plane is not dangerous at all. It is the sudden stopping at the end that is the problem.

During the fall, unknown gusts of wind can alter our direction and make us miss the landing spot. Landing outside of your target will need a couple of rolls to protect your feet from injury, and that might be bad for your head if you are exposed.

But, with a bump helmet, the back of your head will be protected, and you won’t need to stress about landing outside of the designated zone, as you know you will be protected if anything happens.

CBH™ Carbon Bump Helmet

This is not really a run of the mill bump helmet, but a good example of how a good piece of gear should look like. It is light and comfortable, while still offering extraordinary protection and added utility.

This helmet is very customizable and predicts that you will need it in all sorts of situations.

The outer shell is made from durable plastic that contracts and transfers impact to itself, rather than the wearer. This also means that it will protect you from sharp objects, as this type of plastic can catch a piece that manages to penetrate it and keeps it out of your way.

On the inside, there are comfortable pads that offer blunt force protection. They are meant to transfer the force of the blow toward the outer shell of the helmet. This is why often the opposite side will crack after a nasty fall.

And that cracking is a good thing because it is not your skull. And these helmets cost less than most models on the market, let alone a hospital bill.

Finally, there are attachments for communication devices, light fixtures, and even cameras that you can place on either the front or the sides. But, as the whole helmet is fairly light, you will want to make sure your additional equipment is well balanced and not straining your neck.

Dissipates the Point of Impact

Every good bump helmet is not only a hard barrier between your skull and the rest of the world. The G forces your brain experiences during a nasty fall are often more than enough to leave you unconscious.

That is why there needs to be an additional layer of soft padding between your head and the outer shell. This way the force can dissipate and transfer to the back of the helmet, avoiding your head entirely.

Not to go into physics of basic mechanics, by creating a wider angle of an impact compared to your skull, you will suffer just a minor fraction of the impact than you would without it. This will change a serious injury to a simple inconvenience, and maybe a few bruises on other parts of your body.


Having a helmet is necessary, and every time you hear that someone has suffered a major injury from doing a sport or outdoor activity you can be quite sure that they were not wearing theirs.

Thankfully, modern bump helmets are lightweight, comfortable, and relatively inexpensive. If you like your outdoor activities and would want to keep doing them for a long time, then investing in such gear would be very wise.